Saturday, January 28, 2012

Introducing the Pretzil Beta App for iPhone and iPod Touch (iOS 3.2+)

The Pretzil Beta app for iPhone and iPod Touch (iOS 3.2+) is now available to anyone who would like to give us feedback. For those who are new to Pretzil, we're an app discovery platform that is giving you more ways to find apps you will love. Want to see what apps your facebook friends use? We're providing that with facebook Open Graph integration. Want to see what apps are being used in your city? We have a built-in map with app usage overlayed. Read on and we'll discuss the core features provided in the beta app.

Get involved with the beta testing at this link.

More about the features after the jump.

Featured Apps

The Featured Apps section is where Pretzil will showcase apps in a variety of ways. Currently, the beta is showing a manually-curated list of apps, and an update in the near future will include apps that have been newly added to our database. The featured apps list has a great roadmap ahead of it where users will be able to discover apps based on a variety of trending information and your personal preferences.


The Search feature in Pretzil is just as you would expect any other search but we have some crowd-sourced initiatives to make it increasingly sophisticated. For example, from, users are constantly adding tags to apps to make them more discoverable. Many of these features will be rolled out to the app and made more intelligent.


The profile is pretty basic in the beta and there's a lot more you can do socially at For now, we wanted to focus on the app discovery, and social features will be coming in the near future. Suffice it to say, here is where you'll be able to edit your own profile and curate a page to showcase your personality.

NOTE: The new user registration process for the Pretzil Beta app is a little convoluted but will be fixed shortly. For Pretzil users that have already created an account and linked their facebook account, this is a simple facebook sign-in. We'll write up a quick How To for registration if Beta testers are finding it too complicated. It's a lot of back-and-forth between facebook and the app for now.

Apps Locker

The Apps Locker is where you store your apps that you either want or currently have. The current beta version of the app involves manually adding the apps to your Apps Locker but this will soon be automated. One of the more interesting elements of the Apps Locker is that when you've integrated your account with facebook, we leverage Timeline to add a curated list of apps to your facebook profile. On your facebook page, your friends will be able to discover what apps you use and share themselves.

Example Timeline:


As we mentioned above, the social element of the Beta app isn't nearly as developed as it is on Our company believes in basing everything off APIs that we can also leverage to the public, so anything you see on the web can and most likely will be created in the app experience as well. For now, the Friends section comes in handy as you can see what apps are being used by the people you friend on Pretzil. Currently, the only mechanism is to "Fan" someone through the mobile web but we'll be working all this out soon before launch.


The map view is where you can see what apps are being used around you. The apps here are being pulled from checkins from apps that have integrated with Pretzil, as well as apps that are being added to people's Apps Lockers. This map will become increasingly sophisticated as we streamline the app checkin process as well as displaying a combination of checkins and Apps Locker adds.

Thank you for participating in the Pretzil Beta and we look forward to your feedback. Again, anyone looking to get in on the Beta action, register at this link.

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