Monday, December 5, 2011

Facebook Open Graph Implementation in Pretzil

Facebook is making some great progress with its Open Graph and pretzil has positioned itself to take advantage of the new APIs and discovery opportunities. Facebook has already blogged about how Open Graph has generated some great growth for companies in the music space and we believe app discovery will follow a similar path. 

Since f8, music services have seen the following success stories:

  • Spotify: Already one of the defining social music apps on the web, they expanded to the US this summer and added well over 4 million new users since f8.
  • Earbits: Y Combinator-funded startup built by a team of musicians saw a 1350 percent increase in the number of users becoming fans of the band they’re listening to.
  • MOG: Their uniquely social business model has led to a 246 percent growth in Facebook users since f8.
  • Rdio: Their strong social ecosystem has expanded with a 30x increase in new user registrations from Facebook.
  • Slacker: Available across mobile, TV, auto and web, Slacker saw a more than 11x increase in monthly active users in the month following f8.
  • Deezer: Based in France, they've added more than 10,000 users per day since finalizing their Open Graph integration.
The pretzil implementation of Open Graph is coming along nicely and there are a few things you'll notice. 

facebook login: Click on "log in with facebook" link to use your facebook account with pretzil. This provides you a quick and easy way to log in to pretzil without having to deal with entering a username and password.

Timeline sharing: If you're one of the lucky people who have access to facebook's timeline, you'll notice that when you add an app on pretzil, it gets shared on facebook. The sharing mechanism uses facebook's Open Graph, and will aggregate apps in a single place, just like on your app's locker.

Timeline app locker: Sharing multiple apps will allow you to build your app locker on facebook. To check your app locker, simply head to your facebook profile, click the dropdown menu beside "likes", and you should see the category "apps". Now click on pretzil to see a Timeline version of all your app additions. This is going to get really cool as you build a timeline of several years' worth of apps across various smartphones.

Keep in mind that Timeline and Open Graph are still in closed beta. Even if you have access, it may not work according to plan because of something facebook may have changed. Rest assured, when it launches we'll be ready. 

We'll have more features coming your way soon. Stay up to the minute with pretzil updates on twitter at @pretzilstatus.

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